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Meet Our Team

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Emily. Founder & Coo

Sarah, Operations Manager

Janna, Placement & Staffing Specialist

Annie, Recruiting Manager

Ha, Director of Finance

Keshia, Event Team Member

Audra, Event Team Member

Not Pictured: Kiersten, Client Relations Manager; Sarah, Media Relations & Charity Division, Allena, Event Team Leader 

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Meet Our Founder

Conversation with Emily Dills, founder of Seattle Nanny Network, Inc.

Why did you decide to start Seattle Nanny?

We started out as a network of professionals then began doing placements and it grew from there. My husband is British and I discovered the profession in England about two decades ago. I was intrigued by the respect they have for the profession there, and that a nanny actually obtains a customized college degree much like a teacher here. As a native Seattleite, I wanted to bring the same kind of professionalism and structure to the local industry. I have to say that when I started the business I didn’t have children of my own. I believe I have a more relatable perspective now that I’m also a Mother.

The company has been around since the mid 90’s, what’s changed since then?

Technology has changed the way we do business a lot, with online sitter forums or “Craigslist’s for nannies” and parents have an increasingly overwhelming number of options. Our operation remains very hands on, a more personal experience. We meet with our clients and act as an HR arm to their home employer role, protecting them in a way they can’t if they go it alone. We also provide workshops and training so in a sense we remain true to our networking roots, but we are also utilizing technology to provide a better experience for our customers.

Why do you think Seattle Nanny is a leader in the market today?

You have to be more than a placement service, because this can be an isolating industry for those who choose it as their career. We take a collaborative approach with the people we work with. We also recognize the value of working together with similar businesses to offer the customer a comprehensive experience. We meet with families while they are still expecting, and just exploring child care so we bond with them over time and can point them in the direction of so many great resources.

What’s next for Seattle Nanny?

I’d love to see us doing more community outreach. We’ve partnered with corporations to step in and provide pro bono care for families going through crises situations and we also started a monthly charity drive where we reimburse the membership fee of client’s who wish to donate to the charity of the month. We’re also working on bringing more awareness to families who wish to share a nanny, connecting them with others seeking the same. We’re also excited about our educational workshops and the amazing instructors we get to work with.

What do you find most rewarding about running this company?

We genuinely enjoy the process of working with clients new to parenthood, then adapting to their changing needs. We also give our nannies opportunities to network and strongly support their desire to continue education or expand their experience base. I think this message is felt not just by todays clients but those whose children have grown and recall having worked with our agency through the years. It sounds cliché, but I think it’s obvious that we really love what we do. My favorite thing to hear is when a client says “I asked around and more than one person said you were the agency to call.”

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Lindsay Heller

Meet our experts HellerFor years, Dr. Lindsay Heller has provided guidance and support to families all over the world in regards to their relationship with their nanny. As a former nanny of 10 years, licensed clinical psychologist and now a mother that employs a nanny, Lindsay knows the ins and outs of the nanny world like no other. There isn’t anything she hasn’t seen!

She also offers an extremely valuable service in that she helps families who already have nannies solve issues and concerns that may be causing tension in the home. As an outside objective third party, Lindsay is able to assess the situation from all angles and provide a specific solution to the needs of the families seeking her help. While The Nanny Doctor is not a nanny agency, she collaborates with agencies all over the world. Seattle Nanny Network clients receive one hour of free consultation with Dr. Heller as part of our commitment to assisting each family troubleshoot nanny issues and reduce employee turnover. Lindsay is based in Beverly Hills, California but her services are available worldwide. She works with families in her Beverly Hills office, in private homes, board rooms, on the set, or over the phone/Skype. To set up a consult call 310.384.9300, or email at info@thenannydoctor.com or DrHeller@seattlenanny.com.

Cortney Gibson

 Seattle Nanny Cortney Gibson
Cortney Gibson is a newborn care specialist, sleep consultant, and parent educator. Her clients, however, often refer to her as the “baby whisperer”, the “super nanny for babies”, or the “lady who saved our family”.
Cortney has been working with newborns and their families since 1997. She founded Gibson Newborn Services in 2004 and has expanded the company to accommodate the growing number of parents seeking her help.
Specializing in the care of preemies and multiples, Cortney has cared for dozens of twins, triplets, quintuplets, and even sextuplets. She is also considered to be a pioneer in the art of Early Sleep Teaching. As a Certified Happiest Baby Educator, Cortney teaches the soothing techniques of Dr. Harvey Karp to parents and caregivers all over the country.
Cortney has spent over 60,000 hours nurturing babies and caring for young children. She is one of the co-founders of the Baby Dream Team and holds a certificate in newborn care from the Alexandria School.
After joining the International Nanny Association in 2004, Cortney began serving on the Board of Directors in 2007. She currently chairs the NCS Committee and serves as Co-President on the Executive Board of Directors.
Cortney regularly presents workshops and webinars for parents and caregivers. She also contributes articles to newsletters, parenting websites and blogs. Cortney has been featured on Fox News, as well as the Today Show for her work with newborns.

Alicia Every

Meet our experts aliciaAlicia Every joined Seattle Nanny Network back in 2005 as a temporary and overnight nanny while also employed full-time in Risk Management at the YMCA of greater Seattle, where she supervised the safety operations and procedures of 16 branches and up to 1200 staff.

Alicia is passionate about keeping children safe, starting with quality training for child care providers. Today she has a family of her own, but she still works as an Education Specialist for the YMCA presenting defensive driving and child abuse prevention trainings. She also provides CPR & First Aid courses to our job candidates with the same enthusiastic feedback she received when she provided backup care to our clients! Most recently Alicia was invited by Seattle Nanny to speak about infant and child safety tips to the ParentMap lecture series audiences of new and expecting parents.

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After tirelessly looking for ourselves to find a suitable match; we finally decided to let the professionals look for us. We are so glad we did! We now have a great match and a new family member.
–Client, Issaquah

For someone who had never worked with a professional nanny service, I was expecting a tedious process. Instead, I was quietly presented with several candidates; one of which has now become part of our family.
–Michael Becker, Redmond

Prior to hiring a nanny through the Seattle Nanny Network, Inc. I have never trusted anyone other than family to watch my daughter, I would say I am very picky and very hard to please, but the placement coordinators understood and worked with me to find a nanny who is a great fit for our family.
–J. Brown, Seattle

SNN, Inc. was very responsive and provided excellent candidates. WE are able to select a nanny within two weeks! Thanks!
–Mason Boswell, Seattle

As a family looking for a nanny for the first time, we didn’t know what to expect. SNN, Inc. helped to make the process transparent and easy to understand.
–Client, Kirkland

SNN, Inc. provided us with high quality nanny candidates. We were pleased with the very responsive level of service and attention to our childcare needs.
–Didi S., Seattle

Very pleased with the efficiency of finding our nanny and the speed of getting placement secured.
–Client, Seattle

As a pediatrician, I was quite concerned about finding a qualified nanny to care for my four month old daughter. I found everyone at SNN to be exceptionally helpful with every step of the process. I received information on many qualified nannies & was happy enough with everyone I interviewed that I would have readily hired any of them.
–Andrea Fasullo, MD

We had an overall positive experience with SNN. We had some challenges with a nanny and they were a great resource for helping with that situation. When we needed a replacement they worked with us to find a match that we are thrilled with.
–Sue Sanford

I found SNN to be quite informative & helpful. They quickly provided solid candidates for my review, and are connected to other resources to help make hiring a nanny easy. The in home visit was very helpful & recommended. I enjoyed working with SNN.
–J. Schorsch

Very professional. If someone didn’t know the answer, they found out. We think Seattle Nanny is great and we’d use them again in a second.
–K. Horvath

…I have recommended Seattle Nanny Network to countless friends and feel confident of the organizations’ commitment to its clients: both families and nannies. They worked with us offering an impressive level of personal attention and concern…My husband and I can’t say enough about how happy we are with our nanny. She is warm, caring, talented and dedicated to working with our son. We are certain that he is completely happy with her too. We can’t imagine a better nanny for our family. We have also used [SNN’s] temporary services…[SNN] promptly found us a temporary nanny who was extremely qualified with impeccable references. We will definitely use the temporary service again should the need arise.
–A.S., Kirkland

The following is a letter of recommendation that I feel is warranted based on the outstanding job that Seattle Nanny Network performed for my wife and I during our recent search and qualification process of a live-in nanny for our twin infant boys. During the course of our search for a nanny, my wife and I conducted well over 30 direct phone screens of potential candidates who had called us based on advertisements we were running. After nearly a month and another half-dozen face-to-face interviews with potential candidates whom we believed to be neither qualified nor trustworthy enough to employ, we looked to SNN to help us quickly find a qualified and trustworthy candidate. In just over a week, SNN was able to make a referral of a very qualified and capable lady whom we were happy to hire and place in our household.
–J.D., Kirkland

…I chose this agency after I made multiple phone calls to other agencies in the city. I was really impressed by the warmth and their interest in finding details about my needs even in the first phone call. Before I chose them I also showed up at the office without notice and I felt the same rigorous dedication…they matched us with several candidates, approximately 6 or 7. We interviewed 3 of them and they were all very good with excellent references and screening. Before meeting with each candidate they provided me with a lot of very good written information about previous employment…including their own impression which proved to be accurate and helpful. I highly recommend them and I already have done so…
–J.L. MD, Seattle

…after voicing my total frustration with the child care industry to a friend, I was referred to Seattle Nanny Network. As soon as I made the call to SNN, I felt, for the first time that someone actually cared about the type of person that would be watching over my children. They really care that the needs of both the family and nanny match, resulting in a long-term placement and more importantly, happy children. I highly recommend SNN, not only for their caring attitude, but also for the thoroughness in which they screen and test their nannies. I was impressed with the background check, the schooling that is offered, ongoing follow up sessions and the personal service they offer to both nanny and family. They help to alleviate the headaches and heartaches associated with obtaining high quality childcare. She has quickly become a welcomed member of our family and she is an excellent caretaker, teacher and role model for our children. She has minimized the stress I used to feel about working and keeps me very involved on our kid’s daily activities…I sincerely thank SNN for bringing her into our lives.
–K.M., Issaquah

…Prior to calling we were apprehensive since this was our first and only child, and had not had anyone watch him accept family. After speaking with the staff, I felt a lot more reassured about the whole process…everyone we spoke to at SNN was very helpful, friendly and willing to do whatever it would take to help us in our search…a few things that impressed me the most about SNN: 1. Professional over the phone. 2. Thorough background check on each candidate. 3. An impressive packet of information about each candidate… 4. They also provide the valuable service of drawing up an employment agreement between the employer and nanny. I have found SNN to be very professional, courteous, thorough and great at facilitating communication between the two parties.
–P.K., DDS, Seattle

In our search for a nanny after our daughter was born, we worked with several different agencies in town. We knew the search would be difficult, as nannies are in high demand, but had no idea that because our child has special needs that many agencies were afraid to send nannies our way. While most agencies said they would make a concerted effort to help us find a nanny, they failed. When we turned to SNN, things really started to change. They were incredibly proactive about sending several nanny candidates each week, and spoke up front to these candidates to make sure they were comfortable with our daughters condition. They were by far the best candidates we’d seen. I really feel like SNN was a true partner in our search for the right nanny– and in making sure it was the right fit for the long haul. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.
–E.M., Kirkland

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for the Seattle Nanny Network. I recently hired a new nanny with the help of SNN. I had also been working with several other search firms and placed a number of ads myself. The caliber of candidates that SNN sent to me was dramatically higher than those sent by other firms or those generated through my ads. I interviewed 60 candidates prior to hiring a candidate sent to me by SNN. SNN is the most professional nanny placement firm in the Seattle metropolitan area. I have worked with 7 other nanny recruiting firms in the past 2 1/2 years and none of them compare favorably with SNN in terms of the thoroughness of the screening process and the ability to match candidates with family needs. SNN did not send me a lot of candidates, but the ones they did were candidates I wanted to hire. They saved me a great deal of time by doing a superb job screening candidates. The other firms with whom I have worked sent me more people who were lower caliber and not a close match to the qualifications I sought. I can say that with authority because I provide executive recruiting services to early and mid stage technology companies so I can really appreciate the methodology used by SNN..
–S.H., Millcreek

I wanted to thank Seattle Nanny Network for its outstanding professionalism in locating a suitable nanny for our three children. Your service was prompt, extraordinarily courteous and completely flexible. We were particularly impressed by the resumes and related background information that you provided, including the quality of the candidates, the candor and the thoroughness of the information provided. In short, SNN delivered top-notch service in all areas and made every effort to accommodate us and our children’s best interests along the way, for which we thank you. We would recommend SNN without hesitation to anyone looking for a nanny in the Seattle area. We are also greatly impressed by, and appreciative of, SNN’s ability to quickly identify a caregiver who was available for short-term work with our children when an emergency situation arose. Again, thank you for prompt and professional service on short notice, and for providing an excellent nanny.
–S.R., Esq., Mercer Island

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your help during the course of my nanny placement search. You were all extremely professional, responsible, and supportive. You so graciously handled a difficult situation and answered all my many questions

Having you as partners in search for work gave me confidence, solace and delight. What more is there to wish for.

Just a quick note to say thank you so VERY much. The match with [my family] was just what I was looking for, and then some! Your obvious devotion to your work shows in all you do, and I have no doubt Seattle Nanny Network will succeed beyond your wildest dreams! You are the kind of people I would cherish in my life. Thank you again, it was a pleasure working with you (even for such a short time!)
–Laura M.

When my family member decided she could no longer take care of our four month old son while we both worked full time, we needed to find someone who would provide family-like care, and find them fast. The SNN came through with flying colors. [You] answered all our questions and addressed all my fears and concerns. Within days, we had filled out our detailed application and were reviewing the files of 7 candidates who matched our requested profile. We chose to interview 5 candidates and found 2 to be almost too good to be true. We chose a second round of interviews and [after] careful consideration, we selected our nanny. She started in less than 2 weeks after we began our search. On her first day on the job she caught up my sons laundry, pre- made all our bottles, sterilized his toys, took him for a walk and had him laughing out loud – all while she kept up his rigid, doctor-ordered schedule of eating, playing and sleeping. Thank you to the SNN and our new nanny for helping our family through a crisis and providing a perfect match for us in record time.
–Elizabeth Bigham

I really enjoyed working with Seattle Nanny Network. I saw several very qualified candidates. [The] staff were very responsive throughout the hiring process. The screening process appears to be very thorough.
–Betsy Johnson

As with most progressive organizations, we decided to provide childcare to some of our employees and their families…I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether it be at home for your own children or if you are trying to secure childcare for your employees. You will receive qualified, dedicated, but most importantly, nannies who truly love what they do.
–Ayana Clinton, Seattle SuperSonics

When I first contacted you, I was desperate for a nanny and could not afford to pay top dollar. You were the only service that did not snub me. The person who worked with me was very sympathetic and very optimistic about my ability to find a good nanny. It was a relief to talk to her. I ended up not needing a nanny because we got into a great day care at the eleventh hour. But when I started to need temporary nanny service last year, I called SNN first, based on my prior experience.
–O.E., Microsoft

You offered short-term nanny services (not as prevalent back in 1999 when I first started calling you). I continue to use you because I am so impressed with the quality of the people who work for you.
–B. Trinkle, Amazon

My experience working with the Seattle Nanny Network was terrific. As a new Mom, finding a nanny I was comfortable with, was a huge concern, [you] walked me through the process, sent great candidates & [were] responsive, candid, & thorough through the entire process. A joy to work with and extremely efficient.
–Kim Rush, Microsoft

Seattle Nanny Network is in a word amazing! As a previous full-time nanny and current temp- nanny I have worked with many agencies in the Seattle area, and SNN stands head and shoulders above the rest. I have now worked with SNN for the last 5 years, and have loved every minute of it. SNN always proves to have the most wonderful, professional and personal service. One thing that I love about SNN that helps to set them apart is that they truly get to know the nannies that they work with. I have great respect for the SNN ladies and would recommend them to anyone.
–Kathryn Madden

Thanks so much for taking the time to find me that just right position. It means a lot knowing there are caring people like you who take that extra step.

Thank you for working so hard to find me work. [My family] has been a real joy to work with. [The children] are adorable.

Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done for me. Your agency will always be my first choice to recommend. Your personal involvement, your patience and willingness to be available to talk has been so important. I am looking forward to my new family and their sweet little girl.

Thank you for taking your time to talk to me about your company and discuss my qualifications for becoming a nanny. I was very impressed with your professionalism and respect that you give to the field of nannying.
–T.C., Bellevue

Thanks for providing such a great class for the nannies in this area. I had a great time. I’m very impressed by the job you are doing. Keep up the good work.
–M.M., Bellevue

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on such short notice… I really enjoyed talking with you about the nanny opportunities in Seattle!
–M.M., California

You take pride in carefully selecting highly qualified nannies for families in the Northwest. The opportunity to be placed with your agency is an exciting prospect.
–B.L., Corona, CA

I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to interview with you. You made me feel quite comfortable and at ease and I appreciate that. I’m so interested in this agency because you seem to really strive to meet both your families and nannies needs. That is something that you stressed to me, how important finding that fit is. I really did have fun learning about the process that this agency goes through and I appreciate all the effort that you go through to check up on both prospective nannies and families. That puts my mind at rest knowing you’ve done a thorough check of both parties involved. I hope you will consider my skills and qualities valuable to your company and look into a position where I can use those skills to the fullest. I hope to hear from you soon.
–D.C., Kirkland

I just want to say how happy I am to have found you guys here in Seattle.