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Nanny FAQ’s

Why should I work with an agency over finding a job on childcare sites?

The process of finding a job can be overwhelming and intimidating. When looking for a nanny position in particular, you are more vulnerable than the average job seeker. Your relationship with your boss is not buffered by co-workers and managers, and you have no supervisors to consult with if a problem arises. Some nannies believe that an agency characterizes a conflict of interest, and it’s not unreasonable to conclude that all agencies may not have the best interests of the nanny in mind. If you are unsure whether an agency is the best choice for you, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer your questions.

How do I apply with this agency?

Simply complete the necessary paperwork here and we will contact you by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

How much experience and education do you require?

We require you to have had at least two years of paid employment working professionally with children. You must have three excellent childcare references and two character references, as well as a clear driving record. Our nannies typically have at least a two year degree or higher education. If you do not have a degree, but feel your experience is commensurate, we welcome you to apply.

What are typical duties? What is expected of me?

The best interests of the children will at all times remain your number one priority as a professional nanny. In addition to their safety and well-being, you will be expected to provide stimulating and educational activities which will enhance their development. You will be expected to maintain the condition of the working environment in the same or better condition than you found it, keeping work spaces safe and tidy. Child related errands, scheduling extracurricular activities, carpooling, children’s laundry and their meals are typically your responsibility.

Any additional duties can be negotiated prior to your employment. It is not uncommon for a family to request light housekeeping of main living spaces, meal preparation, family laundry, pet care, household related errands, or vacation travel. It is up to you to let the agency know what you are and aren’t willing to do, and to pre-set these criteria prior to meeting with families or accepting a position, so there are no misunderstandings. As an agency we work hard to determine the needs and desires of our nannies at the beginning of the search process, to avoid confusion later. We understand that a happy nanny and family will continue to work together harmoniously long term, which is our goal.

What is a typical schedule?

If the family employer works full time (40 hours per week) the nanny typically works 45 to 50 hours per week to allow the parents commute time. These hours typically fall within 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. If a family requests atypical hours such as evenings or weekends, you will be made aware of this prior to interviewing with them.

Will I be paid overtime?

Yes the hours beyond 40 per week are either paid at a time and one half rate, or factored into your salary to insure that you are compensated fairly, and your employers are within compliance.

I need health insurance. Will a family provide this?

If you register with Seattle Nanny and you do not have health insurance, we will make this need a top priority and send you only to families who are willing to provide this in the compensation package. Once placed you will have a consultation with our selected insurance carrier and set up with a plan that most closely suits your individual needs.

What other types of benefits do families provide?

Clients who register with Seattle Nanny adhere to market standards and provide on average a minimum of two weeks paid vacation, 3 to 5 paid days of sick leave, 4 to 7 paid holidays, and gas or mileage reimbursement. Some families also provide cell phone allowances, tuition reimbursement, annual bonuses and petty cash funds for extracurricular activities.

Will I have a support system?

We are proud of the support we lend to our network of nannies. If you are an in network nanny and you have issues or concerns, we begin by simply listening to you, or if necessary, recommending professional third party mediation at no additional expense, such as through our relationship with Dr. Heller, the nationally renowned “Nanny Doctor”.

We are also proactive in our approach to serving the nannies we work with by offering guidance and tips in professionalism from the pre-interview to post-placement phase in an effort to make for a positive employment experience. Additionally, we offer opportunities for networking with other nannies through training and continuing education.

Do I have to drive?

For emergency preparedness, you must be able to drive and possess a valid driver’s license and vehicle. If you wish to be placed in a position that does not require carpooling or excessive driving, simply let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I bring my own children with me?

We welcome applications from nannies who are also parents; however it is not possible to regularly take your children to work with you if placed through our agency.


How long do I have to commit to a position?

We require a minimum commitment of twelve months for permanent placements, but families are usually hoping for much longer. Please be very clear about your intentions for the future so that we can match you with a family who has similar expectations.

Do I have to live with the family?

Not at all. We do not place live in nannies as a standard rule. If you are interested in this type of position let us know, but also keep in mind that you will also be required to consider live out positions to broaden your search.

How long will it take me to find a job?

We recommend that you apply with our agency early. The process can take time, and the better understanding we have of your “dream job” the more prepared we will be when the time to search arises. (Please note that if you have been placed with one of our families we may not initiate a new search until you have submitted your resignation and we have secured a positive reference from that position). The description of a ‘star quality’ nanny is one who is flexible, possesses excellent interpersonal skills, a high level of maturity, and has a sincere love of children and the job, which is reflected by multiple excellent references. Any blemish on your background report including an unsatisfactory reference, may delay the process or render you unplaceable by this agency.

How much will I get paid? How do I get paid?

In the current market we are seeing placed nannies earn between $18-25+/hour or $700-1000/week on average for full time and about $18-20+/hour for part time. (Keep in mind that the higher range of pay ($22-25 or more per hour) requires a an applicant to have an exemplary portfolio). The family who hires you is your employer, and they will be responsible for employment taxes as required by law. We work with a payroll firm who offer direct deposit and quarterly filing to simplify the process. Our advisers are available to answer yours (and your employers) questions at any time with regard to payment and taxes. Click here for more information on tax and payroll.

What if I don’t like the family? Am I required to stay?

Washington is an at-will state and any agreement you sign with a family is simply a job description, and not a contract that can require you to stay against your will. However, it’s important to understand that when you accept a job with one of our clients you are agreeing to work for them a minimum of at least twelve months, unless otherwise noted. The financial and emotional upheaval to a family when their nanny decides to break this agreement can be overwhelming and we ask that you give careful consideration to such a decision. Please also bear in mind the reflection on your resume. Future employers will want to see at least a year or more with each employer, as well as positive references.

What if I don’t want a long term job?

We have many clients who require only short term care. However, due to the investment we make in you, we request that you commit to our agency for a minimum of twelve months, even if your schedule only allows for part time (i.e. you are currently employed part time and would like to pick up additional shifts to supplement your income).

I don’t have my CPR/First Aid Certification up to date, what do I do?

We require all of our placed nannies to be up to date with their Infant, Child and Adult CPR and First Aid certifications. To obtain current certification we suggest connecting with your local fire department or researching classes offered in your community. You can also visit www.heart.org or www.ESC.org to sign up for an upcoming class.

How do I find out about current job openings?

We list all of our current job openings here on our website in brief detail. We also post job listings to our Facebook page and for up to the minute listings we offer a private messaging board . These include very specific details about the families we work with. We visit their homes, and meet all family members of the so that we can best prepare you for the interview by providing details about the children, home, pets, location of the job and expectations of the family.



  • I am a CEO in a very busy industry, so I panicked about finding good care. I talked to a couple of friends, both of whom recommended Seattle Nanny Network, but I was skeptical about the service being worth the price…I can say without a doubt that [it] was worth the fee we paid. You had prescreened, interviewed, and prequalified hundreds of candidates. I am confident that any busy family would find working with Seattle Nanny Network to be a good investment.
    Rebecca Pomering CEO Moss Adams Wealth Advisors, LLC
  • As a pediatrician, I was quite concerned about finding a qualified nanny to care for my four month old daughter. I found everyone at SNN to be exceptionally helpful with every step of the process. I received information on many qualified nannies & was happy enough with everyone I interviewed that I would have readily hired any of them.
    E. Morris Microsoft
  • Reaching out to SNN six years ago was done purely on a whim. In retrospect, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made. We are deeply grateful to our nanny for her commitment to us, and to SNN for making this relationship possible!
    Sherry Nebel VP Marketing, Boeing
  • Everyone on our side of the talk show project had wonderful experiences with your nannies. I am sure we will keep you in mind for future endeavors in need of childcare assistance.
    Kat Schwartz Gottman Institute "Bringing Home Baby" Project
  • Because our child has special needs, many agencies were afraid to send nannies our way. I really feel like SNN was a true partner in our search for the right nanny—and in making sure that it was the right fit for the long haul. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.
    E. Morris Microsoft
  • As with most progressive organizations, we decided to provide childcare to some of our employees and their families…I would highly recommend SNN to anyone, whether it be at home for your own children or if you are trying to secure childcare for your employees. You will receive qualified, dedicated, but most importantly, nannies who truly love what they do.
    Ayana Clinton Seattle Sonics